How Much to Budget for One Week in Bali?

Following a year of researching Korea together with our intimate friends, we together made a decision to choose an 11-day visit to Bali. It was likewise a last goodbye to one another, as a number people were finishing our teaching contracts along with many others were renewing for an extra year.

We quickly discovered that Bali wasn't as economical as other backpacker destinations, but it was rather inexpensive to journey. We wanted to remain frugal in which possible, but we knew we'd splurge to observe on a few matters. We wanted to maintain our journeys under $500 USD every day and we were pleased to say we did (a bit ) space to spare.

The very first lesson we heard about Bali is jasa arsitek that almost everything is negotiable, even shipping. We learned the hard way our very first day obtaining an over-priced cab from the airport.

From then we bargained our cab rides down to a decent amount where the driver equally profited.

Bali villa management

One way to spend less in Bali would be to employ a driver for the afternoon. The typical price we discovered was 600,000 IDR for the entire day, which isn't bad when you split the bill between three or four people. This way it's possible to observe lots of the significant places in 1 day, but be ready to spend some time sitting in traffic.


The meals in Bali is amazing, and my mouth is watering just considering it. We attempted to maintain most meals to approximately $3-4 USD (that isn't hard to see if you look only a little ). Though we were on a budget, we all knew we would have occasional splurges on desserts, smoothies or even a mojito, which raised our expenses somewhat.


We're amazed when we have the last tally for the excursion that accommodation was on very top of our costs. Secondly, there were seven people traveling together, thus we desired places that could accommodate us all at once. And finally, we splurged for personal rooms at Ubud Bali Villas and a big private space on Gili Meno.

We adored the places we stayed and would not change something about where we remained.

With that said, travel Bali and Gili Trawangan could be performed cheaper. There are a number of fantastic places to stay around Bali and if you do not mind staying in hostel dorms, you will discover nice areas approximately $10-12 USD daily.

Entertainment And all in 3 days! It felt hurried but we loved it all.


The beverages in Bali and Gili T were somewhat more costly than we thought -- occasionally pricier than the foods. Cocktails were approximately $5-10 USD plus it had been difficult to find liquor shops to purchase inexpensive alcohol. We enjoyed the beer, Bintang (possibly enjoyed it a little too much). jasa seo

If you trying to find a class to cut back on your expenses, then this could be it. But we surfaced since it had been one final party with all our friends (that comprised a bachelorette party!)