Location in Canggu you must visit

Canggu is a hot spot in the must-visit Indonesian island of Bali that is known for its laid-back vibes. The area stays beachside and pulls in many surfers, expats, yoga lovers and electronic nomads.

This fashionable place is rapidly becoming the place to see in Bali (actually it already is). It's not yet as lavish and pricey as spots like Seminyak or Uluwatu but it's something for everybody. You can discover high-end spas, backpacker hangouts and lodging for all budgets.

A visit to Canggu recommendation by bali villa management should be in your Bali itinerary if you are craving some relaxation time, enjoy cafe culture and if you would like to experience Balinese culture along with your western conveniences still close by.

Between your favorite cafes and magnificent bali villas there'll be more rice paddies, temples and street food to give you a taste of the local life here.

Come here if you're searching for relaxed and chill time and discover out what to do in Canggu throughout your stay!

Things to do in Canggu

This mega collection of Canggu items to do would keep you occupied if you're visiting on vacation or living from the Gu' so long termers love to call Canggu.

Hit up the shores

Canggu is famous for being a place to chill out and unwind so of course the beaches are popular.

There are 3 chief beaches in Canggu near canggu clinic and they're all black sand shores: Berawa, Batu Bolong and Echo Beach. I tend to avoid Batu Bolong as it is the most touristy of the three and the most expensive for couch chairs (50,000).

Spend the afternoon soaking up the sun on one of those lounge chairs or catch one of those shore bags that are free so long as you purchase something. Expect to pay 20,000 for a coconut, 25,000 to get a beer and meals ranges from 30,000-70,000.

See what the hype is all about at Old Man's

A trip to Canggu is not complete without stopping by Old Man's which is the bar in Canggu. Different music is played each evening in jasa seo bali office but Wednesday's are the biggest party night by far.

However, even if you're not a party person I still recommend checking out Old Man's, during the afternoon it's a cool place just off of Berawa Beach and some nights live music is played. The place is big enough you could lounge and talk or be by the speakers jumping on the dance floor.

I hate putting eating for a thing to do anywhere but in Canggu eating is a very major deal! Cafe hopping is unquestionably amongst the best things to do in Canggu.

Seriously, you are going to be spoiled with the amount of cafes round and might even be overwhelmed with the amount of alternatives. Breakfast/brunch is the finest (but also my favourite meal so that I could be biased).

Many cafes and restaurants near jasa seo office have beautiful scenery overlooking rice fields, leaving you totally relaxed after your meal. You'll find mostly western food that is absolutely delicious from smoothie bowls, to sandwiches, plenty of avocados, to hamburgers, Mexican and more!

Whether there are any Canggu attractions afterward Tanah Lot is really the only one. It's one of the most iconic sites in Bali and has cultural importance for the locals.

It's an ancient Hindu temple that sits perched on a stone that's eroding but its exactly what makes this temple so beautiful to see and picture. Its full name is Pura Tanah Lot and means property in the sea.

To see grab yourself a scooter as it's about a 20-minute driveway from Canggu on easy paved roads. Cheap transfers can also be available for those who prefer to drive. Expect lots of tourists since it is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Bali. In the time of writing the entrance fee is 60,000 and parking is 3,000.